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When sharing this diagram [figure A – the tree diagram] with a church group several months ago, the instructor asked: “Where do you think all of these problems stem from?” Among the multiple answers the group gave, the predominant responses were “selfishness” or “sin.” However, the Biblical answer is more specific. When the answer was shared with the group, a sincere sense of appreciation resulted, because the answer revealed how the interpersonal conflicts we face can reach a genuine resolution. This resolution can change a life marked by problems and spiritual defeat into one that is abundantly fruitful to the glory of God (see John 15:8).

Affirming Biblical Foundations (ABF) is a ten-part, interactive workshop where participants walk through common conflicts we often face, whether in the family, the church, the work place, or the civil arena. Exposing the common “root” that is beneath all relational tensions, ABF incorporates visual illustrations, workbook diagrams, and personal testimonies to communicate the Biblical solution for each conflict.

ABF Online is now available!

If you are interested in participating in the Affirming Biblical Foundations online course, please submit the contact form located at the bottom of this page.


Affirming Biblical Foundations Online is a virtual course that streams one lesson a week for ten weeks. This course includes Bible study assignments for participants to complete on a weekly basis, helping them understand the Biblical basis of each lesson. If you are interested in participating in ABF Online, please submit the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

* If you desire to have an ABF workshop presented in your area, please submit the form at the bottom of this page, or call 903-636-2000.



What are the consequences of rejecting how God made me, and what is the key to reaching the full potential of my design?


What happens when I rebel against God’s design of authority, and what am I supposed to do if an authority figure does wrong or calls me to do wrong?


What are the consequences of resenting those who cause me hurt, and how am I to respond when someone offends me?


What happens when I begin to prioritize possessions over people, and how am I to respond when others meddle with “my things”?

Moral Impurity

What causes me to fall into moral impurity (whether mentally or physically), and what is necessary to overcome the vice of lust?


What is the key to overcoming the spirit of fear in my life, freeing me to successfully fulfill the purpose God has called me to?

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